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Abbreviated disclosure

Do you always read everything in an agreement before signing or are you a normal person who pretends to read the terms and conditions?

I am Serena. And this is my story. A couple of months ago, I rented a beautiful apartment on the east coast. It was pretty cheap for its location and looked decent too. I applied as soon as I could because the price seemed like a bargain and I absolutely loved the place. The middleman had a bunch of papers and I was asked to read and sign them. This is before I got the keys.

The document had photos of the apartment. I pretended to read and I couldn’t wait to get the pretentious man out of my face and into my new apartment. As you can see, I was extremely excited. I signed under every photo on every single page, took the keys, and moved into the new place.

The apartment was dusty. The air wafted fumes of ammonia. Under the sink, there was a cardboard box full of stuff. I held my nose and moved the box with a stick only to discover millions of tiny cockroaches. I cleaned the whole house, sanitized it thoroughly but left the box underneath. I habited the place for six months. In those six months, a pipe broke, water leaked and seeped through the carpet, the hot water system collapsed twice, the cockroaches built an empire and I lost my patience. But through all this, I convinced myself that the apartment is true to its price, just bear with it.

As the term came to an end, I decided to terminate and leave. I did the whole cleaning shebang all over again and gave the keys to the middleman. The middleman then inspected the property and stuck a bill of 800$ for cleaning and damages. How much can you damage in a matter of 6 months? I decided to put up a fight only to realize that I signed a contract at face value, pretending to read. I lost the fight.

That is why, I read all the abbreviated disclosures, even the ones on the app store, just to be safe. I read everything that comes under terms and conditions.

Inspired from prompts by Puttingmyfeetinthedirt.


3 thoughts on “Abbreviated disclosure

  1. Hey, just wanted to stop by and say hello. It’s exciting to see that you’re doing the prompts and I’m looking forward to reading more from you. I haven’t been getting your pingbacks since you the first prompt you did, which was the strawberry kisses prompt. If you link to the prompt list instead of my blog, I should be able to get notifications from you whenever you post. There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to pingbacks, so I just wanted to let you know. Stay inspired and keep on writing! 😉 ~M

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      1. I’m so glad that you’re enjoying them. Makes me so happy to see all the wonderful, creative things that people are able to write from them. And I just noticed another one of yours that I received a pingback for. I am rather behind on checking my messages, so perhaps I’ll find more. Sometimes things show up in my spam folder for some reason, so I’ll have to check there too.

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