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Acorn Pie

Short story in response to prompt by Puttingmyfeetinthedirt hosted by M and writers prompt 939

Oh, Patricia! I wonder where you are now?

You joined our company and you were full of optimism. Initially, we all thought that you were just an eccentric human being. You had long straight hair and the most exquisite wardrobe. You wore glitter, satin, loud prints but never once donned black and I wonder why? You were mysterious. Did anybody know anything about you?

Oh Patricia, I remember what happened after two months. You hitched a ride with the manager and accidentally smashed your finger between the car door. I had never seen a person with a fractured finger before! You still came to the office with a fancy bandage and a big grin. Then again I forgot about the time when you tripped on stairs and fell, just stood back like a spring and walked away. Nothing could ever cause embarrassment to you.

Did you even have friends? You gave that kind of vibe, you preferred to be left alone despite all the bling that you emanated. They all told me that your performance at work was average. Another mistake and you would be sacked soon. The only thing consistent with your performance was your mistakes! Also, let me clarify that I tried asking you out twice to be precise. But you dismissed me even before I could muster the courage to ask. It was like you read my mind.

I am stupid that I got you an acorn pie. I baked it with all the love in the world, just for you. I am stupid because I wrapped it in foil. Because I didn’t realise how naïve you could be. You put the whole thing in the microwave, THE WHOLE DAMN THING WITH THE WHOLE DAMN FOIL! You left it in. Like my heart, it got overwhelmed with current, and sparks were born. But damn, the microwave smoked and rang the fire alarm. We all panicked and ran through 21 flights of stairs! I am the stupid fuck, who caused this commotion, not you! I should have known your glitter wasn’t glory. And soon after, you got fired. I am sorry, oh dear Patricia.

Oh, Patricia! I wonder where you are now? You were so entertaining and you almost broke my heart!

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