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The below piece is based on my recent experience. It incapacitated me from posting for a couple of days. I was severely ill and couldn’t move. Fast forward five days later, I am sitting and writing, like nothing was wrong. Trying to use the word of the day prompt and also write a poetry at the same time. Pardon my enthusiasm! Prompt from Word of the day Challenge hosted by Kristian.

You were hustled to ER on a cold morning,

It was pure agony, sore and aching pain,

Needles were injected, blood was drawn,

You Urinated in sample pots,

Saline was flushed, drugs were rushed,

Tests being inconclusive, the stress was just taxing.

I wish they knew something or simply anything!

 Suspicions arose, on the findings, strictly speaking!

A day later, you could walk back home,

And three later, you could roam,

In five you sat up straight,

Nearly, like the distress was fake?

All this while later, when you could move,

Did nobody know why could move?

Did anybody know why you couldn’t move?


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