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Week #222 – Glow/ Word of the day – Driven

Sonnet In response to Weekend Writing Prompt by SammiCox and Word of the day challenge by Kristian.

Rhyme Scheme: abab cdcd efef gg

When in my mother’s womb,

She sang me songs, read me books,

Inspecting her glow they all presume,

I was a prodigy, by the looks.

At two, I walked, cried but babbled not,

Quiet as a mouse or dumb as a rock,

Then at three, when I spoke, like a gunshot,

They all cried in awe and shock.

At seven, I crushed my bones and groaned,

Endured, repaired, neither limp nor hobble,

By seventeen, stoned, at twenty-two atoned,

Repenting, driven, and I was particularly cantabile.

Abruptly terminated at thirty-five

Lifeless I lie, didn’t revive.


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