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Listen Mother! – Stine Writing Simply 6 Minutes – 08/17/2021

Source: Stine Writing


I am afraid of –

Red bins and black tins,

Vacuum cleaners and carpet steamers,

Prom, pretty, and spring flowers,

Abandonment and distant men.

Is my fear amusing to you?

Mother! Stop!

Yours Sincerely,

Barking, Moaning, Growling Misinterpreted dog.

Simply 6 Minutes prompt by Cristine


4 thoughts on “Listen Mother! – Stine Writing Simply 6 Minutes – 08/17/2021

  1. I love it! Isn’t it so true that the dogs, who are supposed to protect you, are afraid of the silliest things? Brody, my dog, literally jumps straight up in the air when he gets startled. He is hilarious but afraid of absolutely everything. Hahaha, trying to get him to walk down the hall to the airplane…toes spread, belly to the floor…and he is my service dog! Lol. Thanks for participating.

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    1. That’s for the prompt. It reminded me of all the dogs I had at some point in my life! Jimmy, he was afraid of almost everything. He would scratch the carpet, chew the sofa covers and hide under the bed. I was 7 and stupid, used to laugh at him.

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  2. Oh, this is so perfect! Poor dog, his mom teasing him like that. My Mickey is a bit nervous of dusk (if we’re outside), the windy sound in trees, and he’s getting over his fear of something bad happening if he’s done something wrong. He was returned at 6 months, so was abandoned by the only family he knew, due to them not liking the DNA results.

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