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Screams of Passion

Content Warning: Talks about sex; though not explicitly.

In response to August Writing Prompts by M

I lived in my Parents’ home till I was eighteen. I was inquisitive; what you’d call a normal teenager – who went through phases of cigarettes, beer, grass, and…sex. A couple of days after my thirteenth birthday, one of my friends handed me a DVD. These days porn is distributed freely on the internet, but when I was young we had to pass the same video down in the toilets or outside school, without getting caught by anyone. And the thrill of watching it after enduring all of that was exceptional.

My friend gave me one such DVD. After I went home, I ran to my room to hide the DVD. Then at supper, I was distant and dreaming. Anticipation was the culprit. Our bedrooms were upstairs, my sister and I had rooms adjacent to each other and my parent’s bedroom was on the opposite side. My sister locked herself in when she was little and they had to break in and rescue her. So my dad got all the locks removed, even the bathroom ones.

Everyone retired to bed. I decided to put the DVD on my laptop. My laptop was a little troublesome. It was some old model Lenovo laptop that my uncle left behind after he bought Mac. Since it did its job, my father was uninterested in getting me a new one. I placed the laptop on my study table which faced the wall, opposite the door. I plugged my headphones in and increased the volume to 100. I played the video on the windows media player and set it to full screen. The headphones came out of the jack, but I was fully invested and assumed that the sound came from the headphones and not the laptop speaker. The screams of passion were LOUD.

I was startled by my father opening the door, my sister stood behind him giggling. I immediately tried shutting it but you know, the laptop fucked me over. He held my ears, ejected the DVD, and broke it in two. The rest is history. Oh! And I got tortured in school for destroying the best video out there without copying the content.

That’s how my dad fixed the locks to all the rooms once again. He had to get me a new laptop eventually. Now, it is a Thanksgiving dinner table story.


5 thoughts on “Screams of Passion

      1. Growing up with severe anxiety, this was surely my worst fear. So it was easy to write as if it actually happened 😅😂 Without self plugging it’s difficult to say this but by internalizing my anxiety, a storyteller was born 😂

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Oh I can completely relate. 😅And it really does sound like something that could easily happen to anyone. We have all gone through those curious, experimental phases, so it’s easy to picture in my mind.

        Liked by 1 person

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