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Image Courtesy: Popular Mechanics

In response to Word of the day prompt by Cyranny

If you are driving a car on

a stretched highway;

Is your journey beautiful than your destination?

You see the vast hills, blue skies, and grazing cows

And you think the journey is beautiful

not the destination.

A passing buck comes under your car,

You pick, bury and move ahead,

With blood in your hands and tears in your eyes, you ask,

Is this journey crucial for that destination?

Heavy downpour and lightning strikes,

You lose the brakes, the fuel is down,

In the middle of the lane, you push your sedan,

Hungry, wet, angry, and tired,

You wearily, loudly – ask yourself,

Is the journey worth that destination?

The cold grips you and your soul too,

There comes a man with his panes all down,

He helps you tow, and from there you go,

Enduring what the journey throws.

The journey feels never-ending so,

You learn to make stops and manage to

keep on the spirits and keeping on,

because you know by now, that it’s true,

the journey is a part of the destination too.


2 thoughts on “Destination

  1. You pose a very interesting question, Anonymasked! For the journey is sometimes more worthy than the destination. And then your poem takes an unexpected turn indeed! I hope that didn’t happen to you! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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