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In response to Word of the day prompt by Cyranny If you are driving a car on a stretched highway; Is your journey beautiful than your destination? You see the vast hills, blue skies, and grazing cows And you think the journey is beautiful not the destination. A passing buck comes under your car, YouContinue reading “Destination”



Weekend writing prompt #223 In response to:- It didn’t take a great deal to break our bed,My girlfriend and I, not willing to spend,Held everything together, with thick rope, made of numerous threads,It broke again, it couldn’t be held and had a bad bend.Discarding the bed, inured sleeping on just the mattress,Until oneday, walkedContinue reading “Pre-loved”

The Socialite

In response to August Writing Prompts by M and Word of the day prompt by Melanie B Cee As precarious as their union seems The Liaison was enthused by shared dreams The bewitching socialite and the blinding limelight Flashes and fluttering eyelashes, Picturesque life without strictures, Gregarious living habits, Pretentious vainglory, Behind the mask, allContinue reading “The Socialite”

Listen Mother! – Stine Writing Simply 6 Minutes – 08/17/2021

Mother! I am afraid of – Red bins and black tins, Vacuum cleaners and carpet steamers, Prom, pretty, and spring flowers, Abandonment and distant men. Is my fear amusing to you? Mother! Stop! Yours Sincerely, Barking, Moaning, Growling Misinterpreted dog. Simply 6 Minutes prompt by Cristine

Pickled Picnics

Written in response to August Writing Prompts by M Marie was exhausted. She had been driving for five hours straight. She wasn’t very keen about the picnic. Initially, She thought of her husband’s family as drunken fools. Weddings, holidays, get-togethers, somebody’s graduation, her pregnancy – everything started and ended with alcohol. At first, it wasContinue reading “Pickled Picnics”

Salty Satire

Prompt by M on Putting my feet in the dirt baba – Father, kohl -natural black eye liner, bindi – a coloured mark on forehead worn by women, bhajan mandalis – religious music troupes. The story is satirical take on survival. The protagonist’s stand is merely a satire. This is a guide to surviving lifeContinue reading “Salty Satire”