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Wordle #257 – My marriage for the prompt. My marriage is the Crumbs of cake that I licked before washing my plate,now it is stuck, under the sides of my tongue,in the back of my throat,like an esophageal itch that would last a lifetime. or maybe it is like the cicatrix on the old oak tree at the endContinue reading “Wordle #257 – My marriage”


A Poetry about Manic Depression

If only I couldGet up,make my bed,Raise the blinds,withoutfeeling otherworldly hefton top of my chesthands wrapped around my mouthand nosemaking me gasp for air,and life. If only I couldGet up,Do my hair,Take a shower,withoutbeing bogged down by the shackleswith weights attached to them,dragging my existence downlike the soap and scum that’sbeing sucked into the drain.Continue reading “A Poetry about Manic Depression”


Weekend writing prompt #223 In response to:- It didn’t take a great deal to break our bed,My girlfriend and I, not willing to spend,Held everything together, with thick rope, made of numerous threads,It broke again, it couldn’t be held and had a bad bend.Discarding the bed, inured sleeping on just the mattress,Until oneday, walkedContinue reading “Pre-loved”

A doorway to hope

Written in response to August Writing Prompts by M You are standing in the doorway to face the world with a tiny bit of hope. A few years ago you stepped into the home through the same door. You were married to the best physician in the town. You absolutely loved everything about that man.Continue reading “A doorway to hope”