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Screams of Passion

Content Warning: Talks about sex; though not explicitly. In response to August Writing Prompts by M I lived in my Parents’ home till I was eighteen. I was inquisitive; what you’d call a normal teenager – who went through phases of cigarettes, beer, grass, and…sex. A couple of days after my thirteenth birthday, one ofContinue reading “Screams of Passion”


A doorway to hope

Written in response to August Writing Prompts by M You are standing in the doorway to face the world with a tiny bit of hope. A few years ago you stepped into the home through the same door. You were married to the best physician in the town. You absolutely loved everything about that man.Continue reading “A doorway to hope”

Pickled Picnics

Written in response to August Writing Prompts by M Marie was exhausted. She had been driving for five hours straight. She wasn’t very keen about the picnic. Initially, She thought of her husband’s family as drunken fools. Weddings, holidays, get-togethers, somebody’s graduation, her pregnancy – everything started and ended with alcohol. At first, it wasContinue reading “Pickled Picnics”

Salty Satire

Prompt by M on Putting my feet in the dirt baba – Father, kohl -natural black eye liner, bindi – a coloured mark on forehead worn by women, bhajan mandalis – religious music troupes. The story is satirical take on survival. The protagonist’s stand is merely a satire. This is a guide to surviving lifeContinue reading “Salty Satire”

Goody Goody Gumdrops

In response to August Writing Prompts hosted by M She scurried on the footpath, holding her book close to her chest. She could feel her beat, even hit the book occasionally. Her palm was sweaty and it drenched the edges of the book. She was mad at herself for not bringing a pack of tissuesContinue reading “Goody Goody Gumdrops”

Acorn Pie

Short story in response to prompt by Puttingmyfeetinthedirt hosted by M and writers prompt 939 Oh, Patricia! I wonder where you are now? You joined our company and you were full of optimism. Initially, we all thought that you were just an eccentric human being. You had long straight hair and the most exquisite wardrobe.Continue reading “Acorn Pie”

Tunnel of Love

As a country that was colonized by the British at some point, we are a mixed bag when it comes to architecture. Massive old Georgian architectural marvels standing wide, post-colonial era structures faded by smoke and time, and relatively newer and taller apartments which are shiny on the outside and dull on the inside allContinue reading “Tunnel of Love”

Hoping for a Miracle

I am told you make miracles happen. I am told that by the many who visit you every Sunday dressed in their best. They told me that you turned water into wine and walked on water like it was land. They tell me a lot of tales of childbirth, healing ailments, tales of prosperity andContinue reading “Hoping for a Miracle”

Paisley prints and Peppermints

It was the summer after I turned 19. I went day drinking with my friends to an Irish pub. That’s where I met Eugene. He was dragging a puff from his cigarette. He was tall, slender, had a square jaw and big brown eyes, and brown curls, and was almost as old as me. HeContinue reading “Paisley prints and Peppermints”

Pictures of the past

Crystal’s mother had been sick for a while now. After the death of her father, her mother was her only moral support. It pained her to see her mother coughing and gagging, unable to swallow or spit. She shriveled like a raisin and was unrecognizable. Crystal knew her mother had very little time left andContinue reading “Pictures of the past”