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Extremely raw draft In response to a challenge by and Word of the day challenge (24th August and 25th August) She was something. She was clever. She held a pen between her thumb and index finger, halfway from the tip, and scribbled a wavy line when she was just two. She aced the alphabetContinue reading ““43””



Word of the day challenge by Kristian – Enclosed Side by side they lie in the dark, The rendezvous was earlier planned, A hush-hush dalliance is what they called- Away from any prying eager eyes, And oh! The tiny little whispers… Enclosed inside the high brick walls! Disregarding the recurring occurrence – Of disbanding eachContinue reading “ENCLOSED”

The Socialite

In response to August Writing Prompts by M and Word of the day prompt by Melanie B Cee As precarious as their union seems The Liaison was enthused by shared dreams The bewitching socialite and the blinding limelight Flashes and fluttering eyelashes, Picturesque life without strictures, Gregarious living habits, Pretentious vainglory, Behind the mask, allContinue reading “The Socialite”

Week #222 – Glow/ Word of the day – Driven

Sonnet In response to Weekend Writing Prompt by SammiCox and Word of the day challenge by Kristian. Rhyme Scheme: abab cdcd efef gg When in my mother’s womb, She sang me songs, read me books, Inspecting her glow they all presume, I was a prodigy, by the looks. At two, I walked, cried but babbledContinue reading “Week #222 – Glow/ Word of the day – Driven”